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Pigment Carbon Black Used for Offset Inks, China Carbon Black Manufacturer

Beilum offer Pigment Carbon Black for web offset heatset inks , sheet-fed offset inks and web offset coldset Inks, With High gloss and good jetness, Carbon Black China supplier


Pigment Carbon Black Features

Provide low viscosity, blue undertone with good gloss and dispersion.

Provide superior dispersability, high jetness Oxidized Carbon Black offering excellent jetness, flow, gloss, and strength with very good dispersion and stability.

Web offset heatset inks are primarily used for printing on coated paper for magazines.

Sheet-fed inks are used for printing both commercial and packaging applications, and web offset coldset is used for printing newspapers.

Low structure pigment blacks are primarily used to impart high gloss and good jetness in ink for web offset heatset and sheet-fed offset applications.

For Lithographic newspaper ink application, use intermediate to high structure pigment carbon blacks are preferred.

Web offset heatset / Sheet-fed offset

Recommend grades: BL355, BL110U, BL220A, BX195

Web offset coldset

Recommend grades: BL355, BX185, BX195

pigment carbon black used for offset inks
inks carbon black
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