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The grinding equipment best for disperse pigment carbon black?

The dispersion and grinding of pigment carbon black has always been a concern for manufacturers using pigment carbon black. If the carbon black is not ground well and cannot achieve the expected results, the products produced will be downgraded.

So how long should pigment carbon black be ground and what equipment should be used to grind it?

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Three-roller machine is a common equipment for grinding pigment carbon black and providing pigment carbon black dispersion.

The working mechanism of the three-roller machine mainly relies on shear force and pressure to overcome the cohesion of the pigment carbon black to achieve the purpose of dispersing and crushing the carbon black. Therefore, before use, the three-roller machine needs to be adjusted to a good condition. Specifically, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • 1. The distance between the rollers should be carefully adjusted according to the production needs. After being fixed, it can be stabilized so that the pressure between the rollers can reach a constant state.
  • 2. The temperature of the roller must be well controlled and maintained at a constant temperature during operation to avoid sudden high and low temperatures, otherwise it will affect the viscosity of the system and further affect the dispersion of carbon black.
  • 3. If the products produced require high blackness, high gloss, and high dispersion, the surface of the three-roller machine must be carefully cleaned when producing different batch numbers.
Sand mill is currently the most widely adaptable, most advanced and most efficient grinding equipment for pigment carbon black dispersion.

When grinding pigment carbon black, the sand mill relies on the shear force of the dispersion medium in the carbon black. It provides the shear force to disperse the carbon black through high-speed rotation to achieve the purpose of dispersion. Commonly used dispersion media include glass beads, steel balls and Ceramic beads etc. Its advantages are high efficiency, fast dispersion time, and continuous production.

When using a sand mill, the materials need to be premixed, and the amount of dispersion medium in the pigment carbon black must be controlled. If it is too much, it will increase the wear between the dispersion media, resulting in a reduction in the particle size of the dispersion medium: sometimes It will cause the dispersion medium to break and affect the quality of the product.

If there are too few dispersion media, the distance between them will increase and the dispersion efficiency will be reduced. According to the production experience of engineers, only by selecting the quantity and size of the dispersion medium can the pigment carbon black be dispersed to achieve the best effect.

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