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How to use High Color Pigment Carbon Black in Water-based ink with good dispersion ?

Water-based ink is composed of water-based resin, additives, pigments, water and other raw materials. As a pigment, pigment carbon black is a solid component in the ink. It is the color-developing substance of the ink and is a pigment that is insoluble in water.

The color saturation, tinting strength, transparency and other properties of water-based ink are closely related to the properties of pigment carbon black. Pigment carbon black for water-based ink is a black solid powdery substance. It is the main solid component of water-based ink and is the visible color body part printed on the object. To a large extent determines the quality of water-based ink.

Pigment carbon black for printing inks

How is the dispersion of water-based ink carbon black ?

After the special pigment carbon black for water-based ink is post-oxidized, the more oxygen-containing groups on its surface, the lower the pH value will be, but the hygroscopicity of the carbon black will be greatly increased, although it will make the water resistance and drying properties of the ink worse. But it is very beneficial to the dispersion of pigment carbon black in water-based ink. In other words, after the water-based ink is oxidized with carbon black pigment , its dispersion will be greatly enhanced.

What is the performance of water-based ink application carbon black?

The performance of the speciality carbon black for water-based ink is the key to the quality of water-based ink. If the carbon black performance such as blackness, fineness, tinting power, etc. is poor, then no matter how good the dispersant is, it will not be able to produce good water-based ink.

The particle size of the carbon black for ink is relatively small, the surface free energy is high, and there is a strong tendency to self-aggregate, making it difficult to disperse stably in the solvent. If processed, various high-quality materials can be grafted on the surface of the carbon black for ink. Molecular polymers will significantly improve the stability of pigment carbon black dispersion in solvents. By selecting the appropriate pigment carbon black, reasonably miscible with the appropriate dispersant and resin system, and grinding, you will get high-quality water-based ink.

How much is added to the water-based ink pigment carbon black?

The amount of water-based ink pigment carbon black added is mainly determined by the production process of the ink manufacturer and the color of the ink. Generally, the ink manufacturer will add an appropriate amount of special pigment for water-based ink according to the ink color and dilution ratio, about Between 8-12% .

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