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China Pigment Carbon Black used in EVA Foam with high blackness and excellent gloss


Beilum Carbon recommend Pigment Carbon Black Grades For EVA  Foam: BX185B, BX195B, BX205B, BL260B, BL240BPlastics Carbon Black For Eva Foam- China Pigment Carbon Black factory

The role of Plastics Carbon Black in eva foam

The role of carbon black in eva foaming cotton is mainly to play the role of coloring. It can be said that carbon black is a commonly used black coloring material for eva foaming, but adding different carbon blacks can improve certain other properties of eva foaming.

Carbon Black EVA foaming method

There are many ways to use Plasitcs carbon black in eva foam. It can be said that each manufacturer has its own method of use. Some of them add carbon black directly to eva foam, and some need to grind carbon black before adding it to EVA foam. Regarding the carbon black EVA foam formula, it is only necessary to replace the color part in the eva foam formula.

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