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High Color Specialty Carbon Black For Industrial Coatings,Metal Coatings

China Manufacturer Beilum Supply High Color Specialty Carbon Black for Industrial Coatings, Metal Coatings with High jetness and good dispersion


Specialty Carbon Black Benefits

High Color Carbon Black For All kinds of Industrial Coatings,Marine Coatings.

1.Pigment Carbon Black For Marine Paints: Meet light and UV absorption requirements by selecting High Color Carbon Black with the optimal surface area. This results in exceptional jetness and delivers scratch and mar resistance.

2.Industrial coatings are designed to protect and decorate metals for a multitude of applications.
Carbon Black makes greater effects..

3.Industrial Coatings have the broadest application area and broadest variety of requirements.
From high jetness to various shades of gray

Solvent borne coatings systems, waterborne coatings systems or powder coating systems

Beilum can offer high jetness Specialty Carbon Black with good dispersibility.

It have big surface area and Volatile matter to ensure their good dispersibility and high jetness in the final applications.

Recommend Grades: BC1000, BC1100, BC2100, BC2200

specialty carbon black for industrial coating

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